what happens

decontextualised position

the unknown other


don’t knowing

a projection of the space

bergvorming / mountain formation

while moving

counter message / against noise

positive negative

in conversation with

the sound of those downfalls


rice waffle

the ear


I prefer to put the doubts where continuous findings are suggested I turn away and focus

an intercel to intercede


for me the work is not in the center, in the middle of the universe called life or separate from the other
the research is at the core and takes place on the margins of what is being moved

I stand on the sidelines, place my notes on the side of what is happening and occasionally step into the circle, an extracellular fluid
an interstitium as extracellular space, the space outside the cells of a tissue this space plays a role in the exchange of supplies and waste from a multicellular organism, like us

the interstitium protects the body’s cells against rapid changes in the fluid balance in the cells
one moment I am further from the edge and I make the link with it outside our sphere

the other moment, I stay longer within the walls of the cell bodies


x is the unknown factor, the cause
x can include a comment, action, action, or question that I put down, leave, toss, or place
y is the dynamic given, the ground
y such as a context, a core, a space or another
when I added x to y, I move back to the margin, outside the circle, out of the cell, into the interstitium
there I exist as a liquid substance, as a fluid membrane that acts as a cover and fuel between the cells
from this intercellular space, the interspace, I observe, record, document and archive the movements of the cytoplasm
it is part of the research that I make divisible as work
nuanced, but nevertheless present, the x triggers the y into action, sets it in motion and ensures the use of a ratio to

where another focuses on reh or sih work and approaches and presents it in an idiosyncratic manner, I keep in the background until it appears that precisely that marginal attitude contains a concise position
sharp observation, critical questioning, empathy and thinking a few steps ahead

they prove essential time and again
y, that which is given becomes my area of research
therefore I always find myself in an intermediate space where the context finds a way out through language, sound and documentation
as an intersection, as a cross-pollination of the two variable unknowns
the work depends on what presents itself, on what the other gives for information
I am an archivist who urges the whole thing into motion or sets it off course in an almost invisible, absent manner

I dare to cause, give or be a reason

the x remains unnoticed, only the clear seer realizes where the impact comes from, while the own criteria are embedded in the attitude wondering instead of starting from somewhere

being curious about what can be found outside the self, the reason for asking questions to gather information
both the others in the circle and themselves become a source of information, a group of people an archive