Puck Kroon (1996) is fascinated by the interspace. Through intangible, serial research she focusses on the fictional, empty space within language, around objects and between volumes. By recording the transit, the vacuum, the nothingness and the movement of visitors, she uses the visible context as the starting point. 

In order to make the invisible visible and what remains inaudible audible, Kroon uses language as the raw material for her work, processing it in the form of texts, vocal performances, sound installations, printed objects and sculpture. The relation to the world relies on words, the use of language and intonation. She could be described as an artist, a writer, a curator, a philosopher, a researcher, an art critic, an archivist or a reporter.

All facets became part of the changeable conditions she works on. Evaporating, dynamic and incomplete ways of expressing can become part of the temporary artworks Kroon is exhibiting. Besides these terms, she elaborates on the traces of something she made before. This return-to-the-already-existing-essence state of working is echoing in her daily life and vice versa. Non- or by-productivity as well as the process are displayed as artwork in itself: the residu as attempt.
exhibitions and performances

            performance open mic Grootspraak 38CC Delft
            group exhibition Escaleren! Pictura Dordrecht 

            performance open mic Grootspraak 38CC Delft 
            BIJ/NA Stadsgalerij Breda
            Springboard Art Fair Werkspoorkathedraal Utrecht

            graduation show Sandberg Instituut  

            group exhibition Boulevard van Schoonheid en Troost, Goes
            group exhibition Zeeuwse Lichting - ‘t Onverwachte, CBK Zeeland Middelburg
            group exhibition Alle neuzen tegen het raam geplakt, Breda CS
            group exhibition ALL INN, Het HEM Zaandam
            group exhibition Currents #8, Marres Maastricht

            project this storm will pass – to whom it may concern, Bradwolff Projects
            group exhibition If we propose you are invited, Breda (part of graduation show AKV St. Joost 2020, Breda) with performance Stedelijk Museum Breda and during Livestream: A Radical Approach
            group exhibition Alle neuzen dezelfde kant op, Breda
            publication in Quarantzine 02, Gaada Shetland
            broadcast fragment, Mushroom Radio
            takeover Instagram, RIZOOM Arnhem
            performance Woordwaarde, De Drvkkery Middelburg
            group exhibition SHIFT, De Fabriek Eindhoven

            performance opening Jorieke Rottier, ruimteCaesuur Middelburg
            performance opening Joris Roosen, Duvelhok Tilburg

            group exhibition weerzinnig, Electron Breda

            group exhibition, Stokvishallen Breda
            group exhibition bestaan ontstaat, AKV St. Joost Breda
            group exhibition Het Fotoasiel, AKV St. Joost Breda

2016 - 2020
            several performances/spoken word during BA Fine Arts

            group exhibition, CBK Zeeland Middelburg

           research 38CC Delft
           production & programme Beyond the nuclear family
           editor and writer de Blauwe Maandag           
           host RADIUS CCA

           (digital) communication tussen kunst & kind

                editor in chief paper Collective Making | Kunst is Collectief     
           editor and producer Kunst is Collectief
           editor and writer de Blauwe Maandag

2022 - 2024 
           editor and writer Tubelight

           (digital) communication The Solar Biennale

2021 - 2022
           part of Networked Collective
           part of Grèta Flusso
           part of (organisation) Alle Neuzen

2020 - now
            editor and writer mister Motley

2020 - 2021
            part of organisation ALL INN

2019 - 2020
            internship mister Motley, Amsterdam
            internship Vibeke Mascini, Den Haag

2017 - now
            KROOT, collaboration with Fenna Koot


          part of Schrijfworkshop 23/24 Perdu Amsterdam

2020 - 2022
            MA F for Fact, Sandberg Instituut Amsterdam

2016 - 2020
            BA Fine Arts, AKV St. Joost Breda